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Share And Grow

Share And Grow is a platform where we inspire people, help them gain courage & strength to fight their life’s battles & give a new meaning to their lives

How ?

  • WE connect you with your true self.
  • WE explore your unique potential.
  • WE unveil your life’s purpose.
  • WE guide you to follow your path.
  • WE discover the leader in you.


Free 5AM Transformation Course

The 5 AM Transformation Course  Online by Himanshu Ashok Malhotra is  90 minutes learning session that helps individuals learn life-changing skills to live meaningful, satisfying, and effective lives, both personally and professionally.

One Day Session,

Duration: 90  mins.

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Free Student Sessions

caters to age group 14 – 22 years, primarily for school, college and post graduation students to help them find their unique potential, raise their self esteem & lead them to right course of action in life.

One Day Session,

Duration: 120 mins.

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Overall Development Course - (Free)

specifically designed for  school students to instil self confidence, deal with exam pressure, overcome stress, anxieties, depression & provide career guidance .

Annual Course,

A session/month

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SAG Learning Sessions - (Free)

(open for all age groups) provides mentoring & guidance on Life Learnings skills to deal with various aspects including overthinking, decreased self esteem, unconsciousness & troubled relationships to help and heal people.

One Day Session,

Duration: 120 mins.

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Our vision is to provide a platform to each to inspire & strengthen themselves in their life’s journey. We aim to discover the best in people and strengthen them to succeed in life’s battles. We hope to reach out to millions of people across the globe, touch their lives & help them grow along with us.

We Inspire 95%
We Strengthen 96%
We give New Perspective 98%



Life is a roller coaster ride, we inculcate how to bounce back.


Life learning lessons through relationships.


Sharing thoughts is a stress buster


We put forth each individuals perspective in order to bridge the gap. 


The less we compete, the more we connect theory.

SAG से सीखो


All About The Bond


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  • One thing I learned from session was that no matter what people think about us, we should always do whatever we enjoy and just forget about
    Student, VSPK International school, Delhi.
  • Today's session helped me realize that despite all difficulties, just grow, and let other's grow. Thank you "Share & Grow initiative”.
    Student, DAV School, Delhi
  • Share and Grow is a very noble initiative started by Himanshu. The session conducted under this initiative are highly informative and motivational. This brain child of Himanshu is really appreciated and acknowledged by everyone.
    PARUL MALHOTRA PROFESSOR, JIMS college, Delhi university
  • The session held by Himanshu sir was very inspiring, I got some good inspiration from the way he described his journey. I wish that this initiative taken by him may affect people around the country and he may keep up his good work.
    Student, JIMS College, Delhi.
  • I think it was amazing because as a educationist, people like Himanshu who are so inspirational should be visiting schools because in schools, for 15-16 years old students, that is the age which is impressionable where they should be given examples of people as role models, because it leaves a strong impression on them.
    PRINCIPAL, GD Goenka school, Delhi
  • It's a very unique way of letting other's express and letting other's learn from each other's sharing.
  • Simple, candid, straight-forward, practical, pragmatic session
    Teacher DAV Pushpanjali, Delhi
  • His story about his failures finally leading to his success truly touched everyone's heart.
    Teacher GD Goenka school, Delhi
  • What I feel basically is that you know, there are many ways by which you can touch people's lives. And after listening to him, I honestly felt that there has been so much that each of us can share all the time. It's like we all go through ups and downs but experiencing them and sharing your journey is a really remarkable think which I really like about it. And moreover, it's an open way, everyone can share. It's all about being positive and being happy.
    Teacher, GD Goenka School, Delhi.
  • That happens very rarely. Very rarely I've seen students opening up so much freely, so it was a nice interactive session with Himanshu and we would love to have more of that.
    Teacher, DAV Pushpanjali, Delhi
  • When I entered, I thought it'd be something related to theatre but when he told me about fear so it is simply what he told me about that, when someone comes into your life and is a change-over. Same thing happened in my life also, one person turned up and told me that fear is just a word. It doesn't have any magnitude. So, when you share with ten, twenty people the fear goes off. That is what I have learned and that is what he said and shared also. So, now I realise practically that yes, fear is just a word.
    Teacher, VSPK International School, Delhi.
  • Today's interaction was very different. He was sharing his memories, his personal life. He was talking to us like a friend. He was sharing views, he had a smile on his face that was so welcoming that I felt so good. Usually, I am nervous about asking questions or sharing my views but honestly today, I was like I have to let this out.
    Student, GD Goenka School, Delhi
  • Share and Grow Initiative" did whole justice to their name. Not only Himanshu sir shared, but everyone came forward with their own stories and got involved. During the session, we shared. But after it was concluded, we grew. I wish the whole team of "Share & Grow Initiative" best of luck for coming adventures and also that they continue to touch people's inner-depths.
    Student, JIMS College, Delhi
  • It was not only an interesting session but it just made me feel pleasant. The involvement of students and the way Himanshu sir carried himself and his speeches was and are really appreciable.
    Student, Kulachi Hans Raj Model school, Delhi